HMR works with the many exciting projects within bridges for tourist, road, railways and hydro power sectors. This provides a unique opportunity to transfer knowledge and experience between different projects and industries. In collaboration with our customers, we create opportunities and improve processes using new ideas and new technologies.

HMR has expertise in construction, operation and maintenance in these particular areas:

  • Bridge elements
  • Spinning of suspended bridge cables
  • Gang ways
  • Funiculars, cable cars
  • Cable cranes
  • Inspection cars
  • Railway equipment
  • Winches
  • Inspection and approval of the cable cars, funiculars and lifting equipment
  • General construction, maintenance and rehabilitation

The overall technical expertise, that HMR has gained through many years of activity, contributes to the effective execution of the projects when the new suspension bridge is to be built or inspected, when the permanent or temporary cable crane is needed. We are able to assist our clients within the special consultancy on this field, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, both nationally and internationally.

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