Control and Inspection

Magnetic Induced Polarization (MIP)

HMR Voss AS is certified according to NS-EN ISO / IEC 17020 of Norwegian Accreditation, for MIP testing of a steel wire. This is an NDT method for checking and inspecting steel wires in ski resorts, funiculars and cable cars. This is very reliable method which can also be used for control of steel wire for other types of devices such as ZIP liner and the like.

Certified inspection of lifting equipment

HMR Voss is certified and offers authorized control of lifting gear in the following classes: G3, G4, G7, G8, G9, G11, RX, P1, P2, P3, HX, B, TBX and TX.

Inspection of bridges

HMR performs inspections and condition evaluations of all suspension bridges.


We can perform different types of Non Destructive Testing on request. Take contact for further details.