Lifting and Handling

Line Wagons/Trolleys

HMR supplies specially designed trolleys for transport of personnel on power lines. The wagon is supplied with a simplex, duplex and triplex reel system and is thus a universal solution for access to cables for the power industry. The carriages are certified for personal transport on cables and are made of aluminum.

Certified Lifting Equipment

HMR manufactures and certifies specially-built lifting equipment for the complex lifting arrangements. We manufacture lifting spreaders, custom-built lifting cranes, pulley, blocks and advanced cable cranes. We carry out the entire process from the customer’s needs to fully certified lifting equipment.

Winches and Bobbin Winders

We can design and manufacture customized winches and coil systems according to customer wishes and needs. HMR has also been producing Vossa winch (Vossavinsjen) for a number of years.

HMR Voss’s accreditation