Machine Building

UTV for Railway

HMR has developed a unique solution for using Utility Task Vehicles (UTV) on railways. This allows the UTV to travel quickly on other roads or in the terrain, then drive into and follow the railway track. The vehicle is particularly suitable for emergency respons situation, but also for contractors who maintain maintenance on railways. We also supply trailers for the vehicle.

Maintenance of Railway Machinery

HMR performs modifications and maintenance of tools and work equipment for the railway sector. Here we have developed among other things snowplow and the like. We also have experience with upgrading and maintenance on turning plates.

Machine Construction

HMR is committed to developing and building custom-made machines according to customers’ demand. These are typical machines within manufacturing companies that must be adapted to the needs of each customer. We have experience with both engineering, construction, different systems of operation (hydraulics, pneumatics, electric) and we can supply complete CE-branded solutions with integrated control system.