Aerial Ropeways, Cable Cars and Funiculars

HMR designs, manufactures and assembles funiculars and cableways for the carriage of goods or personnel. The structures have a simple design, a high level of safety, are robust and adapted to use in tough climatic conditions.

HMR has certified staff to carry out repairs and service on funiculars and cable cars. We have expertise and experience with major rebuilding and upgrades of both aerial cableway and cable cars. We also perform maintenance and repairs of ski tows and ski lifts.

We perform:

  • Troubleshooting/repairs – mechanical, as well as electrical
  • Service/maintenance/lubrication and mechanical control
  • Certification
  • Casting of concrete couplings on steel wire/closed cable
  • Overhaul of supporting/ bearer cable, etc.

HMR Voss’s accreditation