Maintenance and overhaul

In addition to engineering, design, production and installation of various structures, equipment and machinery, HMR offers maintenance, repairs and overhaul of industrial and hydro power plants.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular professional preventive / planned maintenance ensures smooth operation around the clock and minimizes the risk of downtime. The service solution can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

Turnarounds, Overhauls

HMR performs overhauls, with a revision of:

  • Production equipment
  • Mechanical equipment in waterways
  • Process plants
  • Transport systems

Our experienced professional staff ensures efficient implementation of all operations. HMR utilizes flexible manpower capacity across all HMR companies. If necessary, we arrange for larger manpower,  which is able to cut down time to shortest possible.

Corrective Maintenance

HMR performs critical and corrective maintenance, ranging from repairs of simple mechanical defects to more complex overhauls, which require the optimal collaboration of specialists from different fields of expertise.

Our staff has experience from varied service areas, which can be defined mainly as

  • Mechanical – repairs, upgrades, expansion
  • Vehicle – maintenance, upgrading and spare parts
  • Funiculars, cable cars, bridges – installation, maintenance and certification
  • Cranes, lifting equipment – maintenance, certification

With the HMR group you get a single and dedicated service partner who aims to maximize your uptime.

All our production units are certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and are approved in Achilles and Sellicha’s supplier databases.