The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to create sustainable development worldwide. The UN encourages businesses to use creativity and innovation in order to find good solutions, and asks the authorities to encourage reporting on the work being done to achieve these goals.

HMR has an impact on many development goals, but on some of them more than others. HMR has selected three goals that are the most important to us.

HMR’s Prioritised Sustainability Goals

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • HMR shall be at the forefront of developing new sustainable products in line with our customers’ visions and ambitions.
  • HMR’s products must contribute to the use of resources that have minimal impact on the environment.
  • HMR’s products must be innovative and have good technical solutions.
  • HMR’s products must be of high quality, with regard to easier maintenance, modification and replacement of key components for increased service life.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • HMR shall contribute actively in the local innovation arena, a collaboration to shape the industrial future by increasing collaboration between companies, schools, universities and the research environment – for a better local community and a better world.
  • HMR shall work closely with the local training offices and schools when taking on pupils and apprentices, and helps them to get a motivating and up-to-date education in line with the industrial future.
  • HMR shall support local associations and sports teams, and contributes to events and voluntary work.

Responsible Consumption and Production

  • HMR’s companies shall seek certification in accordance with ISO 14001.
  • HMR must actively contribute to reducing negative effects on the environment by reducing energy consumption, reuse, good waste management, efficient use of resources/optimization of production and compliance with given environmental requirements.
  • Suppliers shall be selected with regard to the environment, human rights and decent working conditions.