Tapping System

HMR Hydeq’s vehicle-based tapping and metal transfer concept is the most efficient and cost-effective way to move molten aluminum from the potroom to the casthouse. By continuously improving and developing technologies for metal processing, dross reduction and weight optimization, the HMR concept ensures state-of-the-art technology for mobile transmission equipment.

HMR Hydeq’s tapping system consists of four components:

This system provides several major benefits in the tapping process:

  • High operating speed and flexibility
  • No need for overhead cranes
  • Reducing operating costs: low oxidation and temperature loss, whole process is controlled by one operator only
  • Excellent safety and ergonomics for the operator

Soon Industry 4.0 og autonomi will drive our design toward remote operated equipment. HMR’s customers will benefit from the development of the autonomy and green energy solutions.

Follow the link to see the video that shows how effectively HMR’s tapping system works in the aluminium smelter.