Tapping Vehicle

Tapping vehicle is a part of HMR Hydeq’s tapping system. HMR’s tapping vehicles can tap, weigh, treat, transport and discharge liquid aluminum.

Efficient Metal Flow

The driver controls the operations from a comfortable and air conditioned cab with high ergonomic standard. Liquid metal remains in a closed crucible during the entire process to minimize oxidation and ensure safe tapping and transport operation. Tapping vehicle can release and retrieve a fully loaded crucible without the aid of other equipment. By means of the weighing, system stops automatically when the ordered amount of metal is tapped. The vehicle is equipped with hydraulic suspension on all wheels, and an onboard compressor to create vacuum and pressure in the crucible. A new method of metal fluxing assures that this process can be now completed in on-board crucible, using specially designed lid.

Automation is a keyword for steadily improving safety systems on HMR’s vehicles, for example automatic fire extinguishing and autonomous electro-hydraulic brakes.

Key benefits

  • Only one machine instead of overhead cranes, transporters, additional weighing systems, etc.
  • Minimized temperature loss, which provides energy savings in the smelting process
  • Minimized metal spill and oxidation – less metal loss
  • Minimized tapped and delivered dross
  • High safety standards  on all stages of the operation
  • One operator only

HMR produces two models of tapping vehicles, one with the capacity of 7.5 tons and other with 10 tons of liquid metal.

Soon Industry 4.0 og autonomi will drive our design toward remote operated equipment. HMR’s customers will benefit from the development of the autonomy and green energy solutions.

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