Hydro Power Equipment

Mechanical Equipment for Waterways

HMR has a high level of expertise in mechanical equipment for waterways such as gates, trash racks, screens, hydraulics and mechanical maneuvering equipment. We also provide other mechanical equipment for hydro power plants such as funiculars, cable cars, inspection wagons and winches.

HMR has gained a relevant experience on the Norwegian hydro power market through a number of renovation and new building projects in this area. Click on the link to watch video from the installation of gates and trash racks at the new hydro power station Byafossen in Steinkjer.


HMR performs overhauls, with revision of:

  • Production equipment
  • Mechanical equipment in waterways
  • Process Plants
  • Transport Systems

Our experienced staff ensures efficient implementation of all operations. HMR utilizes flexible capacity across all HMR companies. If necessary, we arrange for larger labor force, which can carry out an overhaul in the shortest possible time.


HMR Husnes specializing in hydro power projects, is certified according to NS EN ISO 9001: 2015. The company is also certified according to EN 1090-1 and ISO 3834-2. This means that we can CE-mark our products and produce load-bearing components in steel and aluminum through EXC4. In addition, the company is qualified in Achilles and Sellicha supplier databases.