Protech AS

Protech AS was established in 1986. The company is located in Sunndalsøra, Norway, next to the largest Hydro Aluminium’s smelter in Norway. Protech has customers in the primary aluminum industry, shipping, offshore and among machinery/large vehicles producers. The company is owned 50/50 by Storvik Holding AS and HMR Group AS.


Protech offers modern solutions for both welding and machining technology. The tasks vary from the machining of molds, shafts, foundations, tandems, etc. to the mechanical maintenance of steel structures.

Robot Welding

Protech operates a modern fully automatized maintenance line for repair of anode stubs on the anode yoke and rod assemblies. The production line picks up the anode yoke from the storage rack before the maintenance assignment is implemented. The yoke is picked up by the world’s largest ABB robot before it is placed on the conveyor line for the maintenance. The anode hanger follows the line until it has been repaired and picked down by the same robot and placed on a stand ready for delivery to the customer.

Safety profile of this system is future-oriented. With adopting Industry 4.0 technology the tasks has changed from phisically demanding to a technology workplace. The customer is quaranteed both the quality and security of supply.

Protech’s modern maintenance line for anode stubs repair is robot operated.