Hydro Power

Areas of Services

  • Fabrication, installation and overhaul of the gates, steel structures and associated equipment for hydro power plant
  • Installation and commissioning of the hydraulic and associated equipment
  • Rehabilitation of existing mechanical structures in the waterways


  • Mechanical equipment for the waterways:
  • Gates
  • Trashracks and screens
  • Pipes
  • Hydraulic and mechanical manoeuvring equipment
  • Renovation works, among others surface treatment
  • Other mechanical equipment
  • Cooling pipes
  • Funiculars, cable cars
  • Mountain cable ways
  • Inspection cars
  • Winches
  • Surface treatment

HMR has relevant experience gained through execution of a number recent renovations of the hydroelectric power plants in Norway.

Technical Consultancy

HMR cooperates with Multiconsult AS (Norway), Verkis hf (Iceland) and KGAL Ltd. (UK) for the supply of shut-off and tapping equipment to the hydropower industry. Multiconsult and Verkis hold formal certifications in NVE field I-V, all consequence classes, while KGAL is certified in field III, all consequence classes.

Together with their expert advisors HMR offers complete deliveries, covering design, calculations, production and assembly of the mechanical equipment for the waterways.


  • Manufacturing, assembly, overhaul and conversion of hatches, beams, stalks, pipes, etc. (EB Kraftproduksjon Djupdal, EB Kraftproduksjon Mykstufoss, EB Kraftproduksjon Gamlebrofoss, EB Kraftproduksjon Hellefoss, Hydro Energi Holsbru).
  • Replacement of hydraulic parts (EB Kraftproduksjon, Glitre Energi, Agder Energi)
  • Replacement of warter cooling system (Statkraft Energi Tysso 2)
  • Mechanical services under stop (Statkraft Energi Kvildal)
  • Surface treatment (BKK Dale, EB Kraftproduksjon Hellefoss, EB Kraftproduksjon Gamlebrofoss, EB Kraftproduksjon Djupdal)
  • Design, rehabilitation and repair of cable cars and funiculars for freight and passenger transport (Statkraft Energi Måren, Statkraft Energi Røssåga)
  • Annual check on funiculars and aerial ropeways (various customers)
  • Equipment for access to sandblasting, maintenance of pipes inside and outside (various customers)

For further information about the products, please go to Hydro Power Equipment.