Hydro Power

Areas of Services

  • Fabrication, installation and overhaul of the gates, steel structures and associated equipment for hydro power plant
  • Installation and commissioning of the hydraulic and associated equipment
  • Rehabilitation of existing mechanical structures in the waterways


  • Mechanical equipment for the waterways:
  • Gates
  • Trashracks and screens
  • Pipes
  • Hydraulic and mechanical manoeuvring equipment
  • Renovation works, among others surface treatment
  • Other mechanical equipment
  • Cooling pipes
  • Funiculars, cable cars
  • Mountain cable ways
  • Inspection cars
  • Winches
  • Surface treatment

HMR has relevant experience gained through execution of a number recent renovations of the hydroelectric power plants in Norway.


  • Manufacturing, assembly, overhaul and conversion of hatches, beams, stalks, pipes, etc. (EB Kraftproduksjon Djupdal, EB Kraftproduksjon Mykstufoss, EB Kraftproduksjon Gamlebrofoss, EB Kraftproduksjon Hellefoss, Hydro Energi Holsbru).
  • Replacement of hydraulic parts (EB Kraftproduksjon, Glitre Energi, Agder Energi)
  • Replacement of warter cooling system (Statkraft Energi Tysso 2)
  • Mechanical services under stop (Statkraft Energi Kvildal)
  • Surface treatment (BKK Dale, EB Kraftproduksjon Hellefoss, EB Kraftproduksjon Gamlebrofoss, EB Kraftproduksjon Djupdal)
  • Design, rehabilitation and repair of cable cars and funiculars for freight and passenger transport (Statkraft Energi Måren, Statkraft Energi Røssåga)
  • Annual check on funiculars and aerial ropeways (various customers)
  • Equipment for access to sandblasting, maintenance of pipes inside and outside (various customers)

For further information about the products, please go to Hydro Power Equipment.