Oil & Gas

Service areas

  • Fabrication, installation and overhaul of mechanical and welded steel structures
  • Design, installation and commissioning of hydraulic systems
  • Engineering, machining  and installation of high-tech components

Resources for the oil and gas industry

  • Project management
  • Engineering staff with expertise in:
  • mechanical, hydraulic and control technology
  • automation, machining, mechatronics, robot control and sensor technology
  • International Welding Inspector IWI–S
  • International Welding Coordinator IWS
  • Large network of national and international suppliers
  • Mechanics with high expertise in hydraulic/pneumatic/mechanical installations
  • Skilled machine workers for CNC & machining centres
  • Certified welders and metal workers
  • Painters

HMR has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector nationally, with strong ties to the major market players. Companies in HMR Group are located strategically along the western coast of Norway. HMR has workshops with deep-water quays, thus the possibility of shipping large structures to and from our factories by boat.

Projects / References

  • A-frames for davites with follow-up from DNV
  • Prototype production of davites with follow-up from DNV
  • Boat cribs for transport of lifeboats offshore according to Standard for Certification No. 2.7-3, with follow-up from DNV
  • HPU foundation production for offshore according to Norsok and other international requirements
  • Assembly and welding of various acid-resistant components according to Norsok
  • Mounting and welding of superduplex pipe bend
  • Design of NUI fire extinguishers containers DNV 2.7-1
  • ROV operated equipment for Subsea
  • Machine for testing seismology cables
  • High-tech pipeline inspection tools – internal and external control
  • Product Development – HMV Pulley (Vossablokka)

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