Pedestrian Bridge and Walkway

HMR Voss custom-designs and manufactures footbridges adapted to landscape and requirements. The most known pedestrian bridge from HMR is probably the light mountain walkway. For a number of years, we have delivered it all over the country, and it has taken many hikers over the rivers and pastures.

We also provide modern walking and cycling bridges for both private and public. Our expertise is especially in suspension bridges, but we also deliver steel bridges.


Maintenance of Road and Railway Bridges

HMR performs specialized maintenance on road and railway bridges. We have expertise and experience in lifting, renewal of bridge bearing, discharging of suspension rods, and other reinforcement and lifetime extension of road and railway bridges. We have unique expertise in inspection wagons and trolleys, covering the entire range from engineering and production to service and maintenance. And over the years we have delivered inspection trolleys for both suspension bridge cables and truss work.


Spinning of Suspension Bridges

HMR Voss has developed a proprietary technology for the aerial spinning of the support cables for different types of suspension bridges. The concept is based on the spinning of the cables in the air directly at the construction site between assembled suspension bridge towers. This operation sets extreme demand on the quality and safety level and requires a special expertise. HMR Voss delivers turnkey installation of the cable including engineering and temporary structure.