Lifting and Handling

Hose Drums

HMR designs and manufactures hose reeling drums for oil and gas business sector. The drum has a robust construction with hydraulic operation and integrated tank for collecting of waste. The construction ensures that the hose can be handled in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. We have also a model where the drum can be fixed on the forklift.

Certified Lifting Equipment

HMR manufactures and certifies specially-built lifting equipment for the complex lifting arrangements. We manufacture lifting spreaders, custom-built lifting cranes, pulley, blocks and advanced cable cranes. We carry out the entire process from the customer’s needs to fully certified lifting equipment.


HMR produces and supplies Voss Blocks (Vossablokka). This is a light quality block with a wide range of applications, and comes in the range from the smallest single blocks with WLL 1 ton, to multi-block with WLL of 40 tons. The blocks are supplied with both hooks and other options for suspension.

HMR Voss’s accreditation