HMR Mikromekanikk AS

– Total Supplier of Machining Services

HMR Mikromekanikk is a company specialized in machining of mechanical components for industries such as offshore, seismic, motor industry, fish processing and the food industry. We also supply for research centers, for example CERN in Switzerland.

Mikromekanikk was established in 1982. In 2014 the enterprise became part of the HMR group of companies and changed the name to HMR Mikromekanikk AS. Since the beginning we have focused on development of expertise and on investment in modern production equipment, adapted to the customer’s needs and expectations. This makes us an attractive partner for our customers and an attractive workplace for our employees.

Ambitious, Respectful, Responsible

Common to all production at HMR Mikromekanikk is that it is performed by highly qualified personnel. We have a long and varied experience, which in combination with a great interest in the subject, gives us the opportunity and willingness to manufacture high-tech quality components, adapted to different applications and environments. “Ambitious, respectful, responsible” are our core values that we shall endeavour to live up to.


Milling Department

We have most 3-4-axis milling machines, but also 5-axis simultaneous milling machines.
Work areas are up to: X-3000/Y-850/Z-850/C-360 gr. /B-axis +/- 96 degrees, 90 tools.

For programming, we use GibbsCAM as a tool to create programs from 3D models from customers.

Turning Department

HMR Mikromekanikk has for example 2 spun Moriseiki with 3 turrets for series production and Multus turning and milling center for complex turning/milling parts.

We specialize in up to 500mm length, and diameter Ø250, max Ø800 and length one meter.
Working areas are up to: Z-1500/X-500/full B-axis/Y +/- 95 mm/full C-axis/diameters up to Ø800, 80 tools.

If there are larger parts, HMR Mikromekanikk has a very good collaboration with local companies.

We machine in precious metals such as titanium, inconel, super-duplex and other acid-resistant materials, as well as carbon steel, aluminium, plastic materials, such as peek and pom.

Measurement and Documentation

HMR Mikromekanikk has a modern and well-equipped measuring room with its own CMM measuring machine. We have a production system that handles documentation and tracking of serial numbers and material certificates at all levels.

Assembly of Components and Packing in Sets

Some customers prefer ordering complete assemblies. For these we are happy to take care of purchasing various components in addition to the parts, which HMR Mikromekanikk produces, so we can deliver a ready assembled product. Other customers request the parts packed in kits and we arrange specially adapted packaging in response to these needs.

Laser Marking

HMR Mikromekanikk has a state-of-the-art laser marking machine for marking serial, batch/lot and article numbers, etc. We can also engrave logos by laser, if desired.

Welding, Water Cutting

We offer complete solutions in collaboration with other companies in the HMR group and local partners. We provide welding, surface treatment, and water cutting/laser cutting, as per customer’s specification.


HMR will carry its business as HES role model, communicating, complying with laws and regulations to maintain a good safety culture, safeguard the environment and deliver best quality products and services. HMR’s HSE and KS work is based on the Norwegian law on internal control in the HSE area, as well as compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 management system.