HMR Mikromekanikk AS

HMR Mikromekanikk offers complete solutions for the customers in several industries. The company has produced thousands of different machined components for the oil industry, motor industry, seismic, measuring instrument, medicine and other high-tech sectors.

HMR Mikromekanikk has numerous modern CNC machines and machining centers to suit the wide range of the operations, as well as many experienced operators, who can turn or mill everything from simple to complex components in small or large series. We have 22 CNC milling and turning benches, a CMM measuring machine, and a laser marking machine. For detailed list over machinery, please click her.

Thank to this and to the well-functioning and adapted quality system, in accordance with NS-EN ISO 9001: 2015, HMR Mikromekanikk is able to deliver its products with a steady, high quality. We have a well-adapted tracking system that manages documentation and tracking of serial numbers and material certificates in all sections. The inspection, maintenance and calibration of all machining centers are performed by external vendors.


Mikromekanikk AS was established in 1982. We have grown steadily, with constant focus on development of competence  and investments tailored to our customers’ needs and products. This philosophy makes us today both an attractive partner for our customers and a good employer for our colleagues.

In 2014, the company became part of the HMR group, and changed its name to HMR Mikromekanikk AS. This has given us many advantages, including greater flexibility and financial security. It also allows us to offer more complete solutions within the group, such as welded structures, tanks, hydraulics and complete components.

Today, HMR Mikromekanikk AS is located in a modern industrial building in Åsane, Bergen.


What we can offer

Historically, HMR Mikromekanikk has delivered a lot to the seismic, offshore, pipe inspection and engine industries, but also parts for production lines for, for example, fish processing and the food industry. Today, the company supplies a lot to the research and development, for example to CERN in Switzerland.

We can turn up to 500 mm in length and up to 800 mm in diameter. We specialize in turning up to diameter 250 mm, and length 400 mm. At milling we have machines with 3000 mm x 850 mm x 850 mm range. We specialize up to 250 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm on series. If there are larger parts, HMR Mikromekanikk has a very good cooperation with several local businesses.

We machine in titanium, 316 and POM. Earlier we have also worked a lot with aluminum.

Prototype Department

HMR Mikromekanikk has a prototype department, which can quickly deliver single parts and small series of the products. Several of ours CNC-mills and CNC-lathes can also be operated manually. In addition, our flexible 5-axis machines in the main production department are also very suitable for advanced prototypes and small series.

Assembly / Disassembly / Kitting

Additional services are available on request. Example of these are procurement of the components, assembly of complete devices, and kitting, i.e. packing of parts in sets, where we can arrange for the custom packaging, too.

Laser Marking / Stencil Marking

We have a state-of-the-art laser branding machine to meet customers’ increasing demands for series, batch / lot and item numbers, etc.  This machine can also engrave the logos.
Laser marker: Epilog Lazer Fiber Mark Fusion, Software SAI FlexSign
We can laser brand materials like titanium, aluminum, acid-proof steel, brass, POM (black) PEEK.
Import of logos / images from file format JPEG, BMP.
Minimum font size 0.8 mm height. Max. volume 800 x 500 x 330 mm.


HMR Mikromekanikk has a well-equipped and tempered measuring room with its own measuring machine.