HMR Hydeq AS

Short and long term benefits

HMR Hydeq develops and builds a wide range of mobile and stationary equipment for the aluminum industry.

The production facility of HMR Hydeq is located very close to Hydro Aluminium Årdal, and therefore HMR Hydeq is able to benefit from close co-operation with potroom specialists, operators and R&D personnel. This allows us to develop the most suitable equipment for pot-handling that meets the needs of both today and tomorrow technologies. The plant, which operates both end-to-end and side-by-side prebaked pots, offers HMR a range of unique possibilities in adapting our vehicles to different types of technologies.

The business was established in 1989, as a subsidiary of Hydro Aluminium Årdal, one of the largest aluminum plants in Norway. HMR Hydeq is now a private company incorporated in HMR Group.

Products and Services

Special Purpose Vehicles

HMR Hydeq’s special purpose vehicles and stationary machines are carefully designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the customers. Our solutions create both immediate and long-term benefits for our customers, their employees and the environment. Maintenance, service and spare parts are a natural extension of services provided by HMR Hydeq.

So far the company has produced about 350 different special purpose vehicles, including Tapping Vehicles, Anode Changers, Feeders, Spading Vehicles, etc. Among the valued customers of HMR Hydeq we find six of the seven Norwegian aluminum plants, in addition to aluminum smelters in other countries.

For more information about the various vehicles, please click here.

Tapping System

HMR Hydeq’s tapping system, consisting of tapping vehicle, crucible cleaner, tube cleaner and tube pre-heater, is a closed, one-man operated system.  The tapping vehicle performs tapping from the pot, transport, integrating with in-crucible metal treatment stations and delivery to the furnace – in other words the complete metal cycle. Crucible cleaner and other stationary equipment is used to perform daily maintenance of crucible and tubes, all of which can be operated by the vehicle driver. This tapping system presents a very flexible, efficient and a safe solution for the aluminum plant.

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Automated Stud Repair Lines

HMR has developed and operates a new revolutionary system to repair the anode yokes (called otherwise anode hangers or hexapodes) by replacing worn-out studs with the new anode pins whilst on the power and free conveyer in the rodding shop. The operation consists of cleaning, cutting and robotic welding of nipples. The system is completely automated and requires only one operator. The process is effective, safe and secure, and reduces downtime to a minimum. Please find more about this system here.

Anode Stud Bars, Cathode Collectors and Anode Yokes

HMR supplies anode stud bars and cathode collector bars, as well as anode yokes (otherwise called anode yokes and rods assemblies or anode hangers) for the international primary aluminum plants. All these products are custom-made in accordance with the customers’ specifications. Please click here to read more about these commodities.

Workshop and Maintenance Services

In addition to production and construction of the new outfits, the company carries out service, maintenance and repair of the process equipment and steel structures, either in its workshop in Øvre Årdal or directly on site. Thanks to the cooperation with other HMR’s companies, HMR Hydeq has a flexible staffing capacity available for the major assignments like turnaround stops. This personnel includes engineers, foremen and skilled workers.