Electrolysis Commodities

Anode Stud Bars

Hot rolled steel anode round bars are supplied with an optional diameter from Ø110 mm to Ø180 mm, in full bar lengths or pre-cut lengths and in accordance with the customer’s technical specification.

HMR covers more than 80 percent of the Norwegian market demand for this product, in addition to the customers abroad. HMR’s exclusive network of international suppliers ensures very competitive prices.

Cathode Collector Bars

HMR is able to deliver a wide range of sizes and lengths of the cathode bars, also as ready machined. We have been supplying this product to our customers for over 30 years now.

Our customers are welcomed to send us their specification of the steel quality, but for the purpose of cathode collector bars HMR recommends a low carbon steel, that gives the best results in the electrolysis process.

Anode Yokes

HMR delivers anode yokes (otherwise known as anode hangers) and anode yokes and rod assemblies with a cast or welded yoke, with 3, 4 or 6 studs, depending on the customers’ design. We repair used anode yokes or produce new ones for replacement or upgrade of the potroom as needed.