About HMR

HMR group comprises 6 companies, with headquarters located in Husnes, Vestlandet, Norway.

The first company in the group was founded in Norway in 1956, as a family enterprise. Historically, the company was then associated with the maritime industry and eventually with the process industry. In time our client portfolio was extended to several industry segments that require engineering design and mechanical performance.

Our core competencies were developed across HMR’s business areas. This resulted in several operational synergies. We have built a flexible and solution-oriented professional environment. Our employees work in teams with other disciplines in order to arrive at good, comprehensive solutions, focusing on timely and cost effective execution of the project.

HMR is now a preferred partner and solution provider for the process, water power, oil & gas and infrastructure industries, among others.

HMR Group AS

HMR Group AS is the parent company for the HMR group. It provides its subsidiaries with the comprehensive resources for continued business operations, modernization, research, development, etc.

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HMR Husnes AS

HMR Husnes offers solutions, products and services within mechanical engineering to the industrial customers in land-based industry and hydro power business sector. The company contributes to the cost-effective project implementation and solves unique operational, economic and environmental issues, whenever needed.

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HMR Hydeq AS

HMR Hydeq develops and builds a wide range of mobile and stationary equipment for the aluminum industry. So far the company has produced more than 300 different special purpose vehicles, including Tapping Vehicles, Anode Changers, Feeders, Spading Vehicles, etc.

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HMR Mikromekanikk AS

HMR Mikromekanikk offers complete solutions for the customers in several industries. The company has produced thousands of different machined components for the oil industry, motor industry, seismic, measuring instrument, medicine and other high-tech sectors. HMR Mikromekanikk has numerous modern CNC machines and machining centers to suit the wide range of the operations.

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HMR Voss has long traditions of constructing and manufacturing mechanical devices and machines for the industrial clients. We design, manufacture, assemble and inspect lifting and handling equipment, and have special expertise in lifting equipment, funiculars, cable cars, inspection trolleys and special cranes. We are a leading supplier of quick coupling, fertilizer and grass equipment for the Norwegian agricultural market.

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Protech AS

Protech AS was established in 1986. The company is located in Sunndalsøra, Norway, next to the largest Hydro Aluminium’s smelter in Norway. Protech has customers in the primary aluminum industry, shipping, offshore and among machinery/large vehicles producers. The company is owned 50/50 by Storvik AS and HMR Group AS.

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