HMR Voss has replaced all anchor bolts for the Hålogalandsbrua in Norway

Foto: Knut Haarvik, Statens vegvesen.
Foto: Knut Haarvik, Statens vegvesen.

HMR Voss AS has replaced 344 bolts for Norway’s second longest suspension bridge with a main span of 1,145 metres. The anchor bolts are approximately 210 cm long and weigh approx. 50 kilos each. HMR Voss had to develop and create new tools to be able to solve this complex task. Anchoring chambers where the supporting cables for the Hålogalandsbrua are attached are very narrow. In each chamber, there are around forty sub-cables, which remain under high tension. They form a square cone down towards the anchoring plates in the floor.

HMR Voss is very proud of this delivery. Statens vegvesen (The Norwegian Public Roads Administration) states in their press release that they are very satisfied with the work HMR Voss has carried out.

They have carried out a very demanding job without injury and with a high degree of safety. At the same time, they have maintained their planned progress. As the client, we appreciate that, says Construction Manager Signe Katarina Evjen in the press release.

Click here to see Statens vegvesen’s video about bolt replacement on the Hålogalandsbrua.