Qatalum Contract on Tapping Vehicles Awarded to HMR

HMR Hydeq has been awarded with a contract for the delivery of 5 tapping vehicles to Qatar Aluminium in 2022/23.

These 5 tapping vehicles shall replace and upgrade some of earlier delivered 15 tapping vehicles, which, together with crucible cleaner and other stationary equipment, form HMR’s Complete Closed Tapping System for transport of all liquid aluminium in the smelter.

This system has been in use in Qatalum since 2009 and it is the ultimate showroom for HMR’s products in the Middle East.

The contract for delivery of total five new vehicles is very important to HMR Hydeq. The company is very proud that Qatalum has chosen HMR’s products again. It confirms that HMR’s Tapping System delivers up to the expectations and that this system is competitive in respect of investment and operational costs, too.

Why Tapping Vehicles

HMR’s vehicle-based metal transfer concept is the most efficient and cost-effective way to move molten metal from the pots to the casthouse. With tapping vehicles from HMR Hydeq one person can tap, weigh, transport, flux, de-dross and discharge the molten aluminium in a safe and efficient way. No splashing, no overloading, no metal loss, high safety standards, one machine and one operator only.

Photo: Qatalum